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The MLM Cookie

Thursday, July 28th, 2011 by

You’ve got your mind set right, you got your list attend you live meetings, you are prospecting and qualifying some of the people you want to talk to.

But now I’m going to talk to you about inviting, not more or less the things that you say as opposed to the mindset that you need to have whenever you’re making approaches to the people.

You’ve already qualified them and now your gonna invite them, now think of this. You’ve got the golden egg, you’ve got the COOKIE. You’ve got the thing that people are looking for whether they realize it or not. Your holding on to it, you got the ticket.

Now, people are going to give you a hard time, they might give you the negative, they might even give you the raspberries, they might not be interested in your opportunity but don’t let that negativity, that rejection, cause you’re going to get it, this is a business you’re going to get rejection. I don’t care what business you’re in but you’re going to get rejected.

But don’t let that fact prohibit you from giving away your cookie and not holding to a piece of it. You got to keep the mindset that you have what people are looking for whether they know it or not. Approach them, throw it out there it’s just up to them whether they eat it or not. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink right? That’s the old saying you hear it right back wherever you are that’s made right outside of Pennsylvania right? So take that with you, you got the COOKIE, offer if and if they don’t want it that’s fine not everybody likes chocolate chip cookies, and take that with you.

Although if you learn to market the chocolate chip cookie in a different and better way, like the million dollar earners do, that may be a different story too.

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