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Network Marketing 101 – Why Use Tools

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 by

Network Marketing 101
Why use tools?

Let’s imagine for a second that you are given the duty of digging a big hole in the ground, maybe even a foundation for a structure. You have your option of how you dig it but it must be done in a suitable manor. There are are so many options and you must calculate which is the best to use.

You could use your hands, a kitchen spoon, a trowel or maybe even a shovel. Depending on the size of the hole you are digging, that could take days, weeks, or even months to dig. Along comes a truck towing a backhoe, now that changes everything.

So which one do you go for?

Let’s change the scenario a little bit. You still have a huge hole to dig but this time, there is no backhoe available or possibly the conditions simply don’t allow for such a tool to be used. With all else being the same, which tool do you use? One little side note, you have loads of people offered and they all have shovels. Now, which tool do you use?

In the first scenario, it was obvious that you use the backhoe to get the chore done faster, but what do you do in the second one? My selection would be to employ a lot of those who all have shovels. The second scenario presents a difference in philosophies though. One philosophy is, “If you want a task done perfectly, do it yourself”. When digging holes in the ground, is this the best way of thinking?

Let’s look at the thinking of Businessman, Andrew Carnegie. He said years ago, “I would rather have one percent of 100 people’s efforts than 100 percent of my own”. In other words, if one individual takes the day off, you still have the hard work of 99 people. What if you take the day off and the job is entirely reliant on you? Nothing at all gets done.

There are a couple of understandable principals going on here. First, with a tool helps you get a job done more rapidly. Second, having a lot of people using tools can leverage your time and efforts. The point is pretty plain, use tools each time possible.

Now one more thing to consider before we talk about methods and tool choice. The real reaction to the question, “why use tools” is, it isn’t you! Let’s face it, we are all at distinctive levels. Some of us are 3s, 4s & 5s. And some are 8s, 9s, and 10s. If you are a 4 and want to seek an 8, will they trust you? Probably not. Flip the coin, if you are an 8 and trying to recruit a 4, would they think they could do what you do? Both of these questions presuppose you are not using a tool. However, add the help of using a tool and the playing field is improved and more dependable assuming your tools are quality.

Now let’s look at tools from the point of expanding your Network Marketing organization. What tools do you have accessible to help build your enterprise? Do you have local meetings, conference calls, webinars, and replicated websites? What about sizzle calls, sponsors & upline? Then you have the option of using CDs, DVDs and magazines. With all these options, which one do you use? Or should I ask, which ones should I use? Answer, that depends on how immense you want your organization to get.

At some point in time, I have used each of the listed tools and more. My typical practice goes like this. As I am starting the prospecting process I normally start with a sizzle call. They are normally about 5-7 minutes in duration and give a succinct overview to see where the person is. This is very non-threatening. Once they have listened to this call, I ask them my two key questions. Check my blog for those questions. The purpose of this is two fold, find out where they are and second, lead them to the next step.

So what is the next step? Use a different tool. I commonly get them to either a web site or DVD that shows a little more information. After we have finished this phase I ask them my two key questions. Again, check my blog for the questions. Then take them to the next step and use another tool.

At this point, I like using 3-way calls and conference calls. The point again is that it is not me doing the talking. I may have all the answers but the information needs to come from someone else, somebody who is an “expert”. How do you characterize “expert”, simple, anyone other than you. Often times your sponsor or upline will become your experts. Use them, they can be invaluable.

What’s next? Get them to a meeting, in person or online. They need to see and hear from the leaders in your company. They need to see that your opportunity is bigger than just you.

If you use this process when recruiting someone new, what do you think they will do when they commence building their company? Typically, your new recruit will copy what has been done with them. The key here is that you teach them to use the tools as well. One of the great things with this process is that a brand new person only has to learn one thing, how to use a tool. Product knowledge and compensation plans will come in time. Using this method will build excitement with your new associate and people are drawn to their excitement.

With over 25 years of experience in network marketing, I have tried just about everything to reach success.

About the Author

This step by step process is by far the simplest I have found, and it works. Find out more about how you can achieve success in network marketing with simple formulas that work. Need a simple system, check out Systems 4 Success and be prepared to be blown away. Visit my blog at Network Marketing 101 – Why Use Tools for more proven business building methods.

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